[Q] neuromodulation/satiation

Mark R. Opp, Ph.D. mopp at beach.utmb.edu
Sat Aug 5 15:20:40 EST 1995

mobus at sanjuan.cs.wwu.edu (George Mobus) wrote:
>Could anyone help a groping (for knowledge :-) computer scientist with the  
>name of a neuromodulator that is released as a result of satiation in mammals.   
>I seem to recall having seen this recently, stored the notion in "one of those  
>interesting facts" category and now find I could use a reference!  Any help  
>would be appreciated.  Please email responses.
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Cholecystokinin (CCK) is a gastrointestinal hormone/neuropeptide that has 
several autonomic and behavioral effects including suppression of food 
intake and elicitation of the behavioral sequence of satiety.  It is 
hypothesized that CCJ contributes to the short-term regulation of feeding 
and it is often regarded as a satiety hormone.  For a review see Baile, 
CA et al. Physiol. Rev. 66:172-234, 1986.  The behavioral effects of CCK 
include enhancing sleep; it may therefore also contribute to postprandial 
sleepiness (see Kapas, L., et al. Physiol. Behav. 50:1241-1244, 1991.

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