What ? Shark fetal transplants

Wise Young wisey at nyc.pipeline.com
Sat Aug 5 12:20:54 EST 1995

    The partially excerpted message attached below is one of the scariest
that I have heard in nearly two decades of spinal cord injury research.  It
is filled with unsubstantiated pseudoscience, references to unpublished
work, glowing reports of walking in patients who have receive the
treatment, a clinic in Tijuana, and no mention of the cost of therapy. 
These are common techniques of charlatans taking advantage of vulnerable
people in wheelchairs.  Many people may succumb to this.  Already 8 seem to
have done so.  This is terrible. 
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Subject: Spinal Cord Injury Information Request (Ricardo Ramos) 
The long message claiming cures of spinal cord injury from shark embryonic
transplants is partially excerpted below: 
>Once a person is qualified for Embryonic Cell Transplant Therapy we can
>proceed.  Dr. 
>Carlos Romero and Dr. Enrique Sanchez perform microsurgery on the spinal 
>column, remodeling 
>the spinal canal, and for removal of scarring tissue, bone and/or disc 
>materials without further 
>damage of the spinal cord.  The surgeons then implant into the Duramater 
>cultured Embryonic 
>Cells from a Shark and the Nerve Growth Factors.  This allows the spinal 
>cord to regenerate at 
>the rate of one millimeter or more per day.  The patient then returns over

>the next year for medical 
>and physical therapies.  The purpose of the follow up visits is to implant

>more Embryonic Cells 
>and Nerve Growth Factors percutaneously.  This is an outpatient procedure 
>that assist in the 
>quality and speed of recovery of the spinal cord.  The live cells we use
>from shark embryos. 
>We do not use human fetal tissue. 
>To date we have performed the procedures on eight people.  The first six 
>patients where all 
>paraplegics and the other two are quads.  The first two patients that we 
>performed the procedure 
>on are now walking.  The others are progressing towards that goal.  We are

>very confident that for 
>a large number of Spinal Cord Injuries we can help them. 

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