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Sat Aug 5 19:35:40 EST 1995

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>Is it at possible that A news group for those interested in NutraSweet 
>and related topics could be started up?

Yes, of course. The question is, would those with an excessive interest 
in the NSweet thing be content with restriciting their postings to it, or 
would they continue to pester the rest of us in b.n.? I fear not, having 
the available data on obsessive-compulsive characters in mind.

Thor Eysteinsson PhD (Physiology)

>This discussions in this area are become very far removed from Neuro- or 
>any other form of science.  Anecdotal studies just don't cut it.  If we 
>told everyone that eating white bread was the common cause of the common 
>cold, and then received reports from cold sufferers who eat white bread, 
>the findings wouldn't not be interesting at all - we certainly wouldn't 
>expect to seem them published in Nature, Neuroscience, Lancet, JAMA, etc.
>(yes, I know there are typos, big deal).

>Raymond P. Young, PhD (Kinesiology)

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