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Sat Aug 5 19:45:38 EST 1995

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>Is it at possible that A news group for those interested in NutraSweet 
>and related topics could be started up?
>This discussions in this area are become very far removed from Neuro- or 
>any other form of science.  Anecdotal studies just don't cut it.  If we 
>told everyone that eating white bread was the common cause of the common 
>cold, and then received reports from cold sufferers who eat white bread, 
>the findings wouldn't not be interesting at all - we certainly wouldn't 
>expect to seem them published in Nature, Neuroscience, Lancet, JAMA, etc.
>(yes, I know there are typos, big deal).

>Raymond P. Young, PhD (Kinesiology)

Sorry, I meant to propose some sugggestions on the subject in my previous 
response to this, but forgot. I think the thing to do, besides ignoring 
this rubbish is to post occassionally a little (or a big) joke, friendly 
advice about life in general, such as " get a life", gossip, stories 
about your cat, the latest weather situation in your location at the 
moment (it is NOT raining in Reykjavik right now), etc. every time you 
see a thread with "Nutrasweet" in its heading. Cheers,

Thor Eysteinsson PhD 
Dept of Physiology.

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