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In article <BRUCET.95Aug3111040 at leviathan.esd.sgi.com>, brucet at leviathan.esd.sgi.com (Bruce A. Templeton) says:
>In article <Pine.SUN.3.91.950803113332.6088D-100000 at noel.pd.org> Betty Martini <betty at noel.pd.org> writes:
>> The problems coming from this in aspartame are very serious, especially 
>> so much vision loss and blindness.  Even the Government says they are 
>> going to redo the currency in 1996 because people are having problems 
>> reading it and they think its coming from diabetes.  Well aspartame 
>> triggers diabetes (Dr. Russell Blaylock, neurosurgeon says that in his book
>> EXCITOTOXINS; THE TASTE THAT KILLS) and it triggers blindness.
>The Government isn't changing the currency because of blindness and
>the evils of Nutrasweet, they are changing it because US currency is
>one of the easiest to counterfeit, and the government of Iran in 
>particular is churning out 100 dollar bills by the boatload.  They
>may decide to make it easier to read, but that is certainly not the 
>impetus for the change.
>Misinformation like this, can only hurt your cause by causing people
>to doubt everything you say.
>-Bruce Templeton
> brucet at esd.sgi.com


The government isn't changing the currency because it is so easy to 
counterfeit.  Even they don't seriously make this argument (that I know of);
except possibly as public misinformation.  And if they do, they are

Their argument is that they are changing the money to make all the
illegal drug and mafia money worthless.  Their position is that people
in illegal possession of large amounts of money will not be willing
to expose themselves to governmental investigation by lining up to
exchange the old "fiat" (& intrinsically worthless) paper money for
the new fiat specie.

But even this lie is a ruse.  If sone think that the government doesn't
know who has the money or is unaware that the mafia and drug cartels can
exchange their money in numerous ways (not the least of which is through
foreign governments and/or banks), I would opine that they do not have
a firm grasp of international monetary realities.

I believe their real reason is simply as a precursor to a cashless society.
They don't like cash in the hands of honest citizens.  Their intent is 
pretty clear when you study the government's attitude toward the use of
cash.  Indeed, the IRS has the audacity to officially hold the position that
NOT itemizing your deductions but instead taking the STANDARD deduction, 
which is allowed by law and needs no proof, INDICATES a greater possibility
of tax fraud.  What a concept, taking the MINIMUM the law allows shows
that you might be a tax cheat, because the government thinks that failure
to provide complete financial disclosure (even when not required by law)
indicates criminal activity.  And its been over five years since the argument
was made in the House of Representatives that the US stop printing $50 and 
$100 bills because they are ONLY used by "drug dealers" and the "Mafia."
These are just two of the numerous proofs of the government's disdain for
private possession of cash.

Think about it, who is most unlikely to be unable to maintain financial
privacy (on money which has already been taxed)?  The honest citizen!  They
will have no choice but to reveal to the government all their cash reserves
when they must exchange it for the new currency.

I'm sorry for this "off topic" note, but I find the suggestion that the 
government is making new money because of counterfeiting to be as much 
"misinformation" as you found the Nutrasweet argument to be.  Further, all
my money is in the bank, so I have no personal stake in my belief.


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