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<>If it's not anything you've experienced, then what do you care? WHy would 
<>you even bother with the thread then? 
<>I have experienced problems from consuming Nutrasweet that went away when 
<>I stopped eating it, then then came back when I started taking it again 
<>and which consequently went away when I stopped. Plus, several other 
<>times by mistakenly consuming something that I didn't know had Nutrasweet 
<>in it!!!!

<This is nothing but a (weak) correlation, a statistical measure of how much 
<two factors vary together.  Although correlation enables prediction, it does 
<NOT provide explanation.  Correlation does not imply causation.

I get extremely large and itchy hives within minutes of ingesting yogurt or
any other cultured milk product, but I haven't mounted a campaign to have
all of these products removed from the shelves of every retail refrigerator
in the world.  Maybe the elimination of them sweetened with NutraSweet(tm)
would be the first step in such a campaign, but I would be the last person
to want to deprive anyone else from enjoying something just because I react
to it.  

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