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<The government isn't changing the currency because it is so easy to 
<counterfeit.  Even they don't seriously make this argument (that I know of);
<except possibly as public misinformation.  And if they do, they are

<Their argument is that they are changing the money to make all the
<illegal drug and mafia money worthless.  Their position is that people
<in illegal possession of large amounts of money will not be willing
<to expose themselves to governmental investigation by lining up to
<exchange the old "fiat" (& intrinsically worthless) paper money for
<the new fiat specie.

<But even this lie is a ruse.  If sone think that the government doesn't
<know who has the money or is unaware that the mafia and drug cartels can
<exchange their money in numerous ways (not the least of which is through
<foreign governments and/or banks), I would opine that they do not have
<a firm grasp of international monetary realities.

more deleted

<I'm sorry for this "off topic" note, but I find the suggestion that the 
<government is making new money because of counterfeiting to be as much 
<"misinformation" as you found the Nutrasweet argument to be.  Further, all
<my money is in the bank, so I have no personal stake in my belief.


Your article is definitely on topic, since Betty Martini has declared
NutraSweet(tm) a NARCOTIC, Monsanto is in league with the other MAFIA, drug
cartel, gangsters and her position supports your comments.  

Both you and Betty have done an excellent job of presenting your cases and
both have made arguments to support them that I'm sure both of you will
agree definitely proves what you are trying to prove to yourselves!

Why don't you share a diet Coke with her and discuss the next step in your

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