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> [citation to a "Scientific American", Protecting the Greenback, July 
> 1995, article alleging that the main purpose for U.S. monetary re-
> design is to thwart conterfeiting omitted]

>** Misinformation like [a previous post which alleged Nutrasweet was so
>** deleterious to sight that more and more people could not read U.S. 
>** money, thus requiring it to be redesigned], can only hurt your cause 
>** by causing people to doubt everything you say.
>** -Bruce Templeton
>**  brucet at esd.sgi.com

>   I agree Bruce.
>Marla Brownfield                            (217)244-6241


Your above quoted reference is itself "misinformation."  A review of
governmental policy, and the two decade long struggle to get the American
people to accept a change in the money, leads me to conclude, despite
rhetoric to the contrary, that the "main" purpose of the money changeover
is to quantify and locate private citizen possession of cash.

Although, I am at a loss to discern the relevance of this thread to


PS.  I don't think it is due to Nutrasweet either!

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