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=>>Merck Index: Tenth Edition: 5816: Methanol:  Methyl alcohol..wood >>alcohol...
=>>"Poisoning may occur from ingestion, inhalation or percutaneous 
=>>absorption.  Acute Effects:  Headache, fatigue, nausea, visual >>impairment 
=>>or complete blindness (may be permanently), acidosis, 
=>>convulsions..respiratory failure, death.  Death from ingestion of less 
=>>than 30 ml. has been reported. .."
=>>That's very interesting since this is what we see with aspartame, and I 
=>>for one don't want methanol in my food and drink or body.  Yes, it is a 
=>>solvent, and thats what it should be used for not added for food.
=>I've been trying to stay calm with all of the stupid crap flying around >on
=>this subject, but this has to be one of the dumbest posts in the thread.
=If it's not anything you've experienced, then what do you care?

Perhaps because Betty's jihad is directed against an artificial sweetener that
is used by millions of folks without problems?  And that Betty's intent is
quite obviously to arouse enough emotionalism to have the substance banned in
spite of the evidence?

=WHy would you even bother with the thread then? 

Why would a member of a minority during WWII Germany even bother when the Nazis
started rounding up the first minorities?  Why not wait until they came after
HIS minority?

=I have experienced problems from consuming Nutrasweet that went away when 
=I stopped eating it, then then came back when I started taking it again 
=and which consequently went away when I stopped. Plus, several other 
=times by mistakenly consuming something that I didn't know had Nutrasweet 
=in it!!!!
=Forget all the logic of the debate for a moment. Why don't YOU take mass 
=amounts of it for 90 days and note how you feel? Record all headaches, 
=forgetfulness, aches and pains, weird attitudes and other uncomfortable 
=sensations. Then, don't eat ANYTHING with NutraSweet in it for the next 
=90 days.

Or, if you want to have the test mean anything rather than being simply another
demonstration of the placebo effect, have someone else choose the products for
you and not tell you whether they contain aspartame.
I  try  very  hard  to say exactly what I mean.  I'd appreciate it if you'd
bear that in mind and not try to "interpret"  my  posts  to  fit  your  own
preconceived notions if I'm posting in a serious thread.  Remember:  If you
throw a strawman into a heated debate, flames are likely to be the result.

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