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See, some clams do play outside of ars! Unfortunatly they're still just 
as full of it. Note the marked text...

R. Urban (a#urban at ccmail.ceco.com) wrote:
: bretwood at cs.uoregon.edu (Joseph Bret Wood) wrote:
: >In article <Pine.SUN.3.91.950803113332.6088D-100000 at noel.pd.org>,
: >Betty Martini  <betty at noel.pd.org> wrote:
: >>
: >>Merck Index: Tenth Edition: 5816: Methanol:  Methyl alcohol..wood >>alcohol...
: >>"Poisoning may occur from ingestion, inhalation or percutaneous 
: >>absorption.  Acute Effects:  Headache, fatigue, nausea, visual >>impairment 
: >>or complete blindness (may be permanently), acidosis, 
: >>convulsions..respiratory failure, death.  Death from ingestion of less 
: >>than 30 ml. has been reported. .."
: >>
: >>That's very interesting since this is what we see with aspartame, and I 
: >>for one don't want methanol in my food and drink or body.  Yes, it is a 
: >>solvent, and thats what it should be used for not added for food.
: >
: >I've been trying to stay calm with all of the stupid crap flying around >on
: >this subject, but this has to be one of the dumbest posts in the thread.
: >(snip)

: If it's not anything you've experienced, then what do you care? WHy would 
: you even bother with the thread then? 

: I have experienced problems from consuming Nutrasweet that went away when 
 : I stopped eating it, then then came back when I started taking it again 
: and which consequently went away when I stopped. Plus, several other 
: times by mistakenly consuming something that I didn't know had Nutrasweet 
: in it!!!!

: Forget all the logic of the debate for a moment. Why don't YOU take mass 
: amounts of it for 90 days and note how you feel? Record all headaches, 
: forgetfulness, aches and pains, weird attitudes and other uncomfortable 
: sensations. Then, don't eat ANYTHING with NutraSweet in it for the next 
: 90 days.

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