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     [my original post deleted]

>Your article is definitely on topic, since Betty Martini has declared
>NutraSweet(tm) a NARCOTIC, Monsanto is in league with the other MAFIA,
>drug cartel, gangsters and her position supports your comments.  

Since my post clearly noted that I did NOT agree with Betty's position,
and any reference I made to drug dealers or the Mafia was paraphrasing
Congressioinal debates as broadcast on C-Span and contained in the 
Congressional Record, I'm at a loss to decypher any rational basis for
your conclusion.  What are you saying, the fact that she speaks of people
that I spoke of leads you to conclude that she agrees with me that she is

>Both you and Betty have done an excellent job of presenting your cases 
>and both have made arguments to support them that I'm sure both of you
>will agree definitely proves what you are trying to prove to yourselves!

I was not trying to prove anything; rather, I was merely expressing my
opinion in contradistinction to the post I responded to so that persons
reading the note would not be persuaded by the facially possible, but 
incorrect, assertions therein.  At least readers know what my position 
is, which is more than I can say after reading your foray.

>Why don't you share a diet Coke with her and discuss the next step in
your programs?

As I said above, I have no "program."  But if I did, it would take no
planning to respond to posts like yours which are devoid of any relevant


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