{Q}Voltage-sensitive fluorescent dyes

Volodymyr Gerzanich Gerzanic at mail.med.upenn.edu
Mon Aug 7 14:02:33 EST 1995

To: lthomsen at aix1.danadata.dk
 I am posting this information for colleague:

From: obaid at mail.med.upenn.edu (Ana Lia Obaid)
Subject: Di-8-ANAPPS, etc.

	A colleague passed me the message you posted in the bionet.neuroscience 
group. I use Di-8-ANAPPS and Di-4-ANAPPS to study the submucous plexus 
of the guinea pig ileum. If you need information about how to use these 
dyes, send me e-mail with the specific questions
                                                        Ana Lia

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