R. Urban a#urban at ccmail.ceco.com
Mon Aug 7 10:27:09 EST 1995

bretwood at cs.uoregon.edu (Joseph Bret Wood) wrote:
>>Forget all the logic of the debate for a moment. Why don't YOU take >>mass 
>>amounts of it for 90 days and note how you feel? Record all headaches, 
>>forgetfulness, aches and pains, weird attitudes and other uncomfortable 
>>sensations. Then, don't eat ANYTHING with NutraSweet in it for the next 
>>90 days.
>Well, when during my senior year at MIT, I averaged about 4 liters a day >of
>diet coke during the term.  And after I graduated I started drinking >regular
>coke instead.  Would that count?  One thing that people seem to be >forgetting
>(although some have mentioned it) is that most people get their largest
>dose of nutrasweet from diet cola, and caffeine causes headaches, mental
>disturbances, motor disturbances, withdrawl symptoms, etc.....

At a recent trip to the grocery store, near the sugar section on the 
shelf were bottles of powdered NutraSweet in dispensible containers that 
you could shake onto your cereal, etc. How about something like that? 
Feel adverturous?


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