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Bill Coleman AA4LR <aa4lr at radio.org> wrote:
> The quantities of methanol in Aspartame are quite small. Some 
> foods have much larger concentrations of methanol. (ie Lemon Peel) 
> If Aspartame has any deleterious effect in the general population,
> methanol is probably not the culprit. Phenylalanine [sic] is 
> probably a more definite problem.

The above comments apply even more strongly to phenylalanine, 
which is an amino acid present in most proteins.  I suspect
one gets more of it in a slice of cheese than in a diet coke.
(Of course, some people may be unusually susceptible to either
substance.  A small group, those suffering PKU, must strictly
control phenylalanine in their diet, which causes much more
trouble than merely avoiding aspartame.)

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