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[I didn't say this]
>>>Forget all the logic of the debate for a moment. Why don't YOU take >>mass 
>At a recent trip to the grocery store, near the sugar section on the 
>shelf were bottles of powdered NutraSweet in dispensible containers that 
>you could shake onto your cereal, etc. How about something like that? 
>Feel adverturous?

Well, first off I would appreciate it if you trimmed your attributions properly
so that it didn't appear that I made the infamous "Forget all the logic of the
debate for a moment" statement.

Secondly; Hell yes I'll eat it on my breakfast cereal, after I've finished
reading the articles which have been mentioned.  Any true scientist who would
use the scientific method in his work, but not trust the results for his own
personal well-being is a fraud.  On the other hand, it needs to be understood
that all research has the potential to be flawed.  That's why a preponderance
of evidence is usually required to validate a theory, rather than just one

When I was at MIT, I kept a bunch of Equal on my desk, to sweeten my tea with.
It was in a tic-tac type case, with little nutrasweet tablets, and I'd put
about five of them in a cup of tea.  (I like my tea really sweet.)  You aren't
gonna scare me off of nutrasweet, because I've "Been there, Done that, Bought
the T-shirt."

-Bret Wood
-bretwood at cs.uoregon.edu

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