Adam S. Arthur asa3h at avery.med.Virginia.EDU
Tue Aug 8 06:36:58 EST 1995

Hello-- I ended up going to medical school and not graduate
school but I looked briefly and have one piece of advice for
you: Invest a few hours in the library.

If you are interested in
neuroscience and behavior, find some journals that report on
this field and start flipping through the last 6 or 7 issues.
Make notes on the articles that strike you as particularly
interesting.  Then take these notes and do some medline (or
other database) searches to find the a body of related
material.  Once the parameters of your search are set so that
you are getting articles that are central to your area of
interest, print out the titles and authors.  You can even go so
far as to dig for more biographical info on the authors.

This will build you a list of schools where there are faculty
working on the problems you wish to work on.  For my money,
thats the most important thing.  You can use this list as a
jumping-off point for investigating the reputations and
curricula of graduate programs.  Sending off for catalogs,
writing to any investigator in particular that seems to be
after the questions that you find interesting.

If nothing else this approach will begin to give you an idea of
what strategies people are employing to answer the burning
questions.  Thats important information.  To some extent,
nuroscientists, psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists,
neurosurgeons (etc etc) are all interested in some of the same
questions, but can have profoundly different opinions on the
best way to go about finding answers.

Good luck!
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