Machine for pc and macintosh that can read your mind (This is no a joke)

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[snipping Joe Strout's sensible (IMHO) explanation]

> I'm sorry but I have been in recent contact with many people involved
> in this project, and in just two words- your wrong.
> Here is a correspondence I received from Stuart Dambrot, who has worked
> with the prototype:
> ---------------------
> You couldn't be more incorrect - or misleading - in your response. The 
> MindDrive referred to in the initial message (The Other 90 Percent 
> Technologies, Sausalito (415) 332-0433) uses an extremely complex 
> algorithm to recover far more information than GSR. As I mentioned in my
> response to the initial query, I was involved in the announcement and have
> worked with the prototype, and it is as far beyond GSR/EEG measurement as 
> cellular phones are beyond tin cans-and-string. If this seems a bit 
> overreactive, please recall that advances in science and technology are
> often stifled or overlooked because of the power of uniformed opinion.
> --------------------
> It doesn't use traditoinal EEG or galvonic skin response methods to read
> you electrical field.  

Could you tell us what methods it does use?  Or is that information
proprietary?  I can't believe I would have missed seeing an article in the
major journals about such an advance.  If such a technique truly exists, I
know of _many_ researchers who would be trying to get their hands on it
for their studies of brain function, rather than "wasting" their time with
cruder methods like EEG or MRI or PET scans.

> It works far faster. By the way I listed the number
> of the company in the paragraph. If you still don't beleive me call them. 
> P.S. I understood that it didn't read your mind in reality, but in practice 
> it might as well.

I don't understand the distinction here...

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