Survey, please reply!

MANNIX sl761 at
Mon Aug 7 18:23:22 EST 1995

	I am conducting a survey for my Business Information System course at
Utah State University. The survey will take approximately one  minute of your
time. If you fit within the criterion for answering this survey, I will
appreciate your input. The more responses  -- the more accurate my  findings
will be.

	If you choose to fill out the following survey, I would like to
guarantee  that your responses will reflect all ethical standards in
confidentiality  and privacy.  The data  you provide will in no form be
forwarded or shown to any other source. I will simply record the status of your
response and use it in a statistical analysis. No names associated with any
individual data will be published in my final findings. 

	Please answer the following questions:   If you happen to find any of
the questions offensive, or just do not wish to answer, please  leave them

	Please answer with a yes, no, or where appropriate  put in numerical
figures. Other questions may ask additional information. Within those
questions, please keep  the response as concise as possible.  Once you complete
the survey, please E-Mail/reply it back to me: 
				SL761 at

1.  Your age:

	A. 18-21
	B. 21-30
	C. Over 30

2.  Have you heard the term "Cyberporn"?
	A. Yes	
	B. No

3. Should there be a censorship on the Internet?
	A. Yes
	B. No

	I would like to thank you for your time and efforts in filling out this
survey. Thank you for your time and for making my educational experience worth

Andy Pribadi
SL761 at

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