Machine for pc and macintosh that can read your mind (This is no a joke)

Tom Shafron tshafron at
Tue Aug 8 22:51:02 EST 1995

>Together with the complexity, we can decide whether it can be understood.
>My guess is that if they had such a thing, there should have been *some*
>inkling of some of the algorithmic discoveries in the literature.  A lot of
>sales/marketing fluff is generated around the mysterious word *algorithm*,
>I can attest, as someone who writes (sometimes complex) algorithms
>for a living, that the word is math/computing term for "method", and that's
>Hawley Rising
>rising at

I know exactly what an algorithm is, I was just trying to point out that 
they were avoiding my questions as to how exactly it worked.  I too, have 
programmed many algorithms to handle such things as ray tracing, back 
culling, z-buffering etc.  I just posted that message to see if someone knew 
more about the Mind Drive, not for people to examine what information I 
provided in my post and decide whether it was valid or not!  And to answer 
whether this is just marketing fluff, I saw the report on CNN and a nine 
year old girl was controlling a skiing game by thought.  I doubt she went 
under some complex training of how to control her muscles, etc.  In addition 
to this the reporter then used the Mind Drive and testified to the fact that 
it worked.  If anyone has any constructive information on how it works, 
please post it, otherwise if you doubt me call the company or go to CNN's 
WWW page.  And if you still don't beleive me you'll find out in January.

Tom Shafron
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