Machine for pc and macintosh that can read your mind (This is no a joke)

Ernie Wollering epwoll at
Tue Aug 8 21:00:58 EST 1995

tshafron at (Tom Shafron) wrote:
>The Other 90 Percent Technologies, Sausalito (415) 332-0433.
>All I know of the company is that the founder is the ex-CEO of Atari, Ron 
>Gordon, and that it is a brand new company.  I requested more information, 
>when I get it I will post it immediately.
>If anyone has more info PLEASE post it!
  It was featured on a couple of CNN shows recently, Future Watch and 
 either Computer Connection, or Science and Technology. They showed a
 game application where the user with the device attached to thier finger
 was able to control a skieer going donwhill through a number of gates.
 Supposed to be on the market in Jan 96. It looked interesting and 
 would seem to have application to mouse control for the handicapped
 at the very least (Game applications aside).


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