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Wed Aug 9 15:37:30 EST 1995

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>I'm trying to track down a PET (or any other) scan that shows what 
>happens to the brain during a migraine headache. Does any one know where 
>I can find such a thing? It is meant to accompany an article on migraine 
>headaches and their treatment.

Look up articles by Roger Woods of the UCLA brain mapping group.  He (and
colleagues) had the good fortune to have one of their subjects have a
full-blown migraine (from start to finish), while she was in the PET
scanner.  I only have the LA times article about it, from Monday,
December 26, 1994, so presumably the journal article came out
around then.
I should add that the subject volunteered to "try" to have a migraine
in the machine and to stay in the machine throughout the entire migraine.

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