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Wed Aug 9 12:49:35 EST 1995

In article <807905695snz at burton.demon.co.uk>, Tim Reynolds 
> > 1.  As biochemical warfare (as evidenced by those with Desert Storm 
> > Syndrome).
> Which according to a recent study (UK Ministry of Defence checked by > >independent experts) doesn't exist...

The afflicted have now renamed it Gulf War Syndrome in hopes that
independent experts will now change their minds and confirm its existance. 

BTW, has anyone read the claims of G. Nicholson (fluid mosaic model fame)
who not only claims that Gulf War Syndrome exists due to biological
warfare, but he has found the cure?  Apparently, the government is involved
in a huge conspiracy and coverup as evidenced by the "fact" that the life
of his wife has been threatened on six ocassions.

Rifle River
jstream at girch1.med.uth.tmc.edu

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