Machine for pc and macintosh that can read your mind (This is no a joke)

Eric Wassermann ewass at
Wed Aug 9 10:57:56 EST 1995

In article <1995Aug9.142726.14829 at>, arm at wrote:

> If controlling a
> ski game that only requires back and forth movement of a
> joystick matches the popular idea of mind control, then 
> let the world be impressed.  Frankly, I am more impressed
> by the brain's ability to control fingers through the 
> fine threads of the peripheral nervous system.
I agree, Andy, but the "mind control" fallacy can be brought off because
EEG happens to be emitted by the brain.  Controlling EEG is a trick that
people learned to do shortly after Mr. Grass started selling his
machines.  I think it has less to do with "thought" than other less sexy
physiological parameters like blood pressure, galvanic skin response and
bowel motility.  OTOH, it does have much better high frequency response.

I hope these guys make a zillion dollars and donate a little bit to fund
real research in neurophysiology.

Eric Wassermann

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