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>I'm trying to track down a PET (or any other) scan that shows what 
>happens to the brain during a migraine headache. Does any one know where 
>I can find such a thing? It is meant to accompany an article on migraine 
>headaches and their treatment.

Here are a couple of articles that may be relevant:

Ferrari, M.D., J. Haan, J.A.K. Blokland, J.W. Arndt, P. Minnee, A.H. 
Zwinderman, E.K.J. Pauwels, and P.R. Saxena (1995) Cerebral blood flow during 
migraine attacks without aura and effect of sumatriptan. Arch Neurol. 52:135-

Montagna, P., P. Cortelli, L. Monari, G. Pierangeli, P. Parchi, R. Lodi, S. 
Iotti, C. Frassineti, P. Zaniol, E. Lugaresi, and B. Barbiroli (1994) 31P-
magnetic resonance spectroscopy in migraine without aura. Neurology. 44:666-

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