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Dear Alex:  It looks like the whole story will be told to the public on 
August 17 about BST.  PURE FOODS is sponsoring protests and press 
conferences in the states, about 10, where Monsanto has backed these 
agricultural defamation laws which are against free speech.  Monsanto 
does not want anyone to talk "disparagingly" about rBGH or any other of 
their geneticly engineered products, pesticides, etc.  These press 
conferences will not only be on the laws, advising the public they exist, 
but also on BST and aspartame.  There is one in Atlanta and Professor 
Bederman, a law professor, has been trying to repeal the Georgia law for 
two years, and will be one of the spokesmen.  

Robert Cohen is absolutely right and the FDA doesn't want him talking to 
anybody.  The Center for Veterinary Medicine, the investigative branch of 
FDA, has banned all employees (with the exception of Richard Arkin, 
Director of Citizen Petition Staff at 301 - 594-1737) from speaking with 
Robert Cohen of Oradell, New Jersey.  Confirmation will be issued by FDA 
Communications Director, Linda Grasse (301-594-5909).

Cohen filed a Citizen Petition in September of l994 to revoke the use of 
bovine somatotropin (BST), the genetically engineered hormone which is 
injected into cows to increase milk production.

According to Cohen (201-599-0325), FDA Commissioner Kessler 
(301-443-2410), lied to Congress when he assured them of milk safety.  
Kessler told Congress that BST was deactivated by heat treatment in 
pasteurization.  Because of this FDA conclusion no further research was 
required of Monsanto for BST.

FDA relied on a published paper written by a graduate student, Paul 
Groenewegen, from Guelph, Ontario.  In a severely flawed experiment 
Groenewegen pasteurized milk for 30 minutes at a temperature reserved for 
a 15 second method.  After "cooking" milk Groenewegen observed only a 19 
percent reduction in levels of BST.

When reached at his home (519-678-3774) Groenewegen was first shocked and 
then outraged that FDA had reached an erroneous conclusion from his research.

This lie was repeated by every major newspaper and magazine article.


I suspect there is going to be a lot more health problems associated with 
BST milk than just Jakob Creutzfeldt.  BST dosed lab animals presented 
spleen weight increases up to 46% but the FDA required no toxicologic 
studies.  IN BST milk the insulin growth factor, the regulator of cancer, 
is increased so much that cancer and leukemia will most certainly explode!
Monsanto/FDA insist bioengineered BST is identical to the natural 
hormone.  Pure fraud!  At position 144 in the peptide sequence an error 
occurs - epsilon-N-acetyllysine replaced lysine.  What disastrous 
consequence will this error produce?  Nobody on planet earth has the 
faintest idea.  Welcome to the International Association of guinea pigs 
and lab rats!

Remember only one amino acid is out of place in the case of sickle cell 
anemia.  A single amino acid mutation - involving the substitution of 
phenylalanine for valine in amyloid precursor protein - appears to be the 
basis for at least one type of hereditary Alzheimer Disease (Murrell 1991).

While Secretary Espy resigned, 12 members of Dairy subcommittee of 
Agriculture accepted $711,000 from Dairy PAC interests!  Milk labeling 
bills were stalled in committee.  Monsanto gave direct donations.

FDA will not release data which proves that lab animals got cancer from 
BST.  FDA incorrectly violates their own statutes by continuing to offer 
trade protection for a drug which has been approved.  In spite of FOIA 
requests.  (Studies and data cited in August, 1990 SCIENCE MAGAZINE, Ref. 
42, article by J.C. Juskevich and C. G. Guyer on rBGH)

And the case history that started off these posts about a woman with 
senile dementia.  Maybe she is just getting Alzheimers.  Dr. H. J. 
Roberts who has done 30 years of research on Alzheimers was in Atlanta 
for a seminar last week.  Being a diabetic specialist he noticed when 
aspartame (NutraSweet) was put on the market his diabetic patients 
presented with memory loss and confusion.  He says these two amino acids, 
phenylalanine and aspartic acid, without the other amino acids in protein 
can go past the blood brain barrier and deteriorate the neurons of the 
brain. He says in his opinion this has caused Alzheimers, a 20th century 
disease, to escalate.  It is now the 4th leading cause of death in adults 
in this country (4 million) and 50% of all patients in nursing homes 
including baby boomers have Alzheimers.  There are 250,000 new cases each 
year and 100,000 deaths.

Both BST and NutraSweet are Monsanto products.

I know this post will probably start more flames in this news group but 
these are the facts.  Robert Cohen said he will debate any scientist 
anywhere.He has also sent letters to the newspapers of the congressmen on 
the dairy subcommittee and offered to match the money they received to go 
to the charity of their choice to prove him wrong.  Some newspapers have 
published the challenge.  

You're talking about a man whose only interest is the health and welfare 
of a nation.  

                   Betty Martini     Operation Mission Possible

Mission Possible is dedicated to the proposition we will not be satisfied 
until death and disability are no longer considered an acceptable cost of 

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