The flogging of long-dead horses....

Ian A. Paul, Ph.D. iapaul at
Thu Aug 10 17:42:54 EST 1995

Folks, I've been unable to respond to the aspartame/seizures/vile and 
horrible death thread.  However, I have been scanning it for the past 
several days/weeks.  I would say that this horse has been thoroughly 
flogged and probably will not recover.  Moreover, I would point out that 
it is generally rather fruitless to engage in lengthy debates with the 
deranged.  They generally aren't listening to your comments and when they 
do, they apply their own special monomania to it.

Why don't we just let this one die or, as suggested by one poster, 
continue the debate directly with B. Martini et al via e-mail.

Best to all,


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