More To Betty Martini

Jody K. Hirsh jkh141
Thu Aug 10 14:07:20 EST 1995

Dear Betty,

I would be glad to see the info you mentioned. However, the study that you 
mentioned sounded like it was an abstract from a conference.  To 
scientists, this is still not acceptable. One needs to have an article 
published in a refereed journal.  I suppose you could then claim that there 
was some sort of political conspiracy keeping it from getting published.  I 
just don't see or hear much about this until your posts here.  (However I 
have not looked).  Scientists are naturally very skeptical and need a lot of 
convincing. I want to see the data before I jump to conclusions. 

I sincerely doubt the story about doing the "brain surgery" on the rats. They 
would have been sacrificed instead before something like that was done. 

As an aside, my own suspicion is that there are many people who have 
some sort of serious problems, related to depression, and are looking 
instead for external causes to blame them on.  I think nutrasweet and the 
like may be convenient scapegoats.  

I Remain Unconvinced,

P.S. Why don't you also tell me more about your background.

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