Neurological Anatomy Consultant needed for Software Product Review

Adamillus adamillus at
Thu Aug 10 13:52:23 EST 1995

A well known anatomy software company is looking for a physician to serve
as a neurological anatomy Medical Consultant and review a new software
product created for the legal market.  This product will assist attorneys
and physicians in their communication of anatomy, commmon injuries, and
common surgical procedures to the lay audience.  

The medical consultant will be asked to review 33 animations, each of
which are approximately 2-3 minutes long.  The consultant will then fill
out a questionnaire to provide feedback on the accuracy of each of the
animations by August 30.  This review process should take approximately
four hours.  The medical consultant will be compensated with an
honorarium, a complimentary copy of the final product, and recognition as
Medical Consultant on the product credits.

If you are interested, please contact Amy Beckenhauer (770 980-0888) no
later than Friday, August 11 at 6 pm.  Please do not respond directly to
this email address. 

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