human vs machine

Marc Anton ma2 at
Fri Aug 11 03:12:44 EST 1995

People always say that we can model, or rather, recreate
the higher human brain processes "given 
enough computer memory, speed, power, etc." but that's tantamont to
saying we could do the same with ..... abacus's, toothpicks, 
etc. there's no point in going on like that because both with 
abacus's or computers the desired outcome is above and beyond
our ability to even fathom.  If a human brain-like creation were
to arise it would be an entirely different animal that what we
we thought we were constructing.
Also, the human brain is not just a calculating machine.
And signals, are just signals, they do not constitute thought, 
emotions, feelings, etc. in and of themselves, just as the 26 
letter of the alphabet your're reading here don't constitute the
intellect at your end.


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