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>  multiple sclerosis is methanol toxicity.  

Another illness solved by Betty. :->  Betty, you wouldn't look quite so
foolish if you didn't carry your claims to such an extreme.
> The double=blind study by Dr. Walton is, indeed, a study.  However, the 
> frequency and severity of psychiatric, neurologic, eye and other side 
> effects caused the institutional Review Board to terminate the project 
> prematurely. 

Betty, this study used fewer than 10 subjects who were all suffering from
severe depression.  The study was stopped when two unusual medical
conditions occurred in two of the subjects during the week which they
received PLACEBO!

> Jody, if you read about these flawed studies 

The one you just cited, inappropriately, was flawed from the outset and
NutraSweet refused to participate.

> No Jody, the tests were never proven safe - they were proven unsafe.

Please cite the references for these valid studies indicating the unsafe
nature of aspartame.  Warning:  Mark Gold didn't like what I did to his
reference list.
> First of all, Jody, aspartame is not a diet product.  The Congressional 
> Record says: S 5511 (May 7, 1985) "Aspartame has been demonstrated in 
> inhibit the carbohydrate induced synthesis of the neurotransmitter 
> serotonin (Wurtman affidavit).

What reference do they cite?
> wonder why Desert Storm Syndrome symptoms are identical to aspartame 

Dr. Garth Nicholson directly contradicts your theory.  He states that
Desert Storm Syndrome results from mycoplasm infection from biological
However, what evidence have you seen to even indicate that there is such a
thing as Desert Storm Syndrome other than mass hysteria?
Ever notice how a crackpot doesn't just have one cooky idea to support, but
they support every strange idea out there?  :->  Betty, you only harm your
credibility further.
> aspartame (aspartic acid and phenylalanine, both neurotoxic) without the 
> other amino acids in protein, go past the blood brain barrier and 
> deteriorate the neurons of the brain! 

References please?

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