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> 	We've already had this debate. There is far more information to
> substantiate Betty's claim on this issue than on the aspartame issue.

Well, from zero pieces of evidence to one would be a big jump. :->
Seriously though, I missed the debate - I've been away from bionet for some
> you were following about a month ago John Robichaud and myself exchanged a
> series of citations on the subject of IGF1 and RBSt.

Well, would you be so kind as to cite maybe the three most important
references you have?  Or do you intend to keep them a private secret
between you and John?

> from proteolysis in the gut by casein, a normal constituent of milk.
> Moreover there are receptors for IGF1 in the lining of the intestine.

Even if this is true this doesn't say a thing about harmful side effects. 
I would be specifically interested in any good studies you've seen
supporting harmful side effects.

> not enough information for Montsanto/Eli-Lilly to make the claim that the
> product is safe

Fine, but Betty claims it's harmful.  Where are the references to support
that claim?

>furthermore the product is of marginal economic benefit
> to either farmers or consumers,

That would depend on which consumers you are talking about.  I know some
people who would pay big bucks for IGF-1

>  the EEC banned the use of RBSt

Yes, I missed the earlier threads.  What's RBSt?

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