Machine for pc and macintosh that can read your mind (This is no a joke)

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Sat Aug 12 10:02:25 EST 1995

Eugene wrote:

>There _are_ simple algorithms to make sense from weak signals.
>In fact using DSP filter techniques can vastly reduce error rate on
>a noisy channel, it has long been incorporated into high-speed
>modems. I think even most current EEGs are using DSP to enhance
>data now.
>But I still doubt they are actually using EEGs, this is probably
>biofeedback or EOG potentials they are grabbing. 

There is a body of applied research examining the feasibility of tapping
into EEGs to operate a "mental prosthesis."  The instrument would develop
bootstrap algorithms to differentiate volitional EEG activity and drive a
variety of mechanisms.  Yes, EOG is a problem in EEG recording, but it is
easily measured and used to correct the EOG artifact in the EEG.  

In sum, algorithms are not mysterious, miraculous, or holy.  Big deal. 
The question is what is it supposed to mean, what data are manipulated by
it (CZ, FZ, EOG, Rectal Temp, what??), and how valid is the output
(whatever that may be).

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