Books about electrophysiological experimentation ?

Lars Thomsen lthomsen at
Sat Aug 12 07:11:23 EST 1995

I'm looking for some good books about patch-clamp.
I need detailed information about the experimentation, analysis of
data etc. I know that John Dempster has made some good ones but I do
not know where to get them. Any help would be appreciated. For other
in a similar situation I have supplied what I allready have of good
litterature :

The Axon guide for Electrophysiology & Biophysics, Laboratory
Techniques. (Axon Instruments)

Methods in Enzymology, Volume 207, 1992 "Ion Channels" 
Editors : B. Rudy & L.E. Iverson, 
Academic Press Inc.

And some physiology  theory :

Ionic Channels of Excitable Membranes
B. Hille, 2. edition 1992
ISBN : 0-87893-323-9

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