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>Dear Rifle:  What happens when you drink the milk?  I would refer you to
>an article, New York Times, dated November 8, 1994, page C-1.  It tells 
>you that 100% of people over 50 have cancer.

Betty, the raison d`etre of newspapers is to sell copy,,not  to inform or
give informed opinion. I find 100% of any ( insert condition here ) hard to

  But the body attempts to 
>control cancer.  The insulin growth factor, the regulator of cancer, 
>releases those tight genetic controls.  Consider IGF the match!  
>Homogizination protects hormones.

how ?

>Without IGF we would have no cancer growing. 

This too only weakens your credibility. NO cancer growing???? let's be
serious here.

 They have turned up the heat!
>There is going to be an explosion of cancer.  And since the spleens of 
>the lab animals were enlarged up to 46% you can expect leukemia too.  

is there a ref for this?
Alex Taylor , have you posted it? if so, please repost.

>Interestingly, just today an article came in the mail from Diabetes 
>Forecast on how milk can trigger diabetes.  It's titled:  A CASE OF 
>MISTAKEN IDENTITY.  It says:  "Something is inciting the body to kill off 
>its own insulin producing cells.  One doctor detective thinks he may know 
>whodunit."  Further it says: "Have you heard?  Its all over town: Cow's 
>milk causes diabetes.  In some people.  Sometimes.  Maybe. 

OK, one possible mechanism. How big is the field ?

 The news of a 
>possible link between drinking cow's milk as an infant and the development 
>of insulin-dependent, type l, diabetes spread like wildfire this past 
>summer after the mass media picked up a report which appeared in the New 
>England Journal of Medicine.  Hans-Michael Dosch, M.D., professor of 
>pediatrics and immunology at the University of Toronto and his colleagues 
>proposed that a protein in cow's milk causes the body to mount an immune 
>reaction that destroys its own insulin producing cells, resulting in 

which protein in cows milk? IGF ? please supply specifics.
any other milks tested? sheep/goat/camel milk?
>We had enough problems with milk - but now!  This  is a very serious 
>problem.  And why do we need the health problems?.  The Government just 
>bought up all this surplus milk and spent 2 billion to kill 1.5 million cows.
>And Monsanto FDA
> is responsible for these new health risks.

so they should be made to clean it up & it sounds like they are.
any comment on this ?

  The people 
>don't have a chance!

quit the conspiracy theories please or send them to the producers of the

cheers Betty 

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