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Guillermo Ibanez guillermo.ibanez at
Sat Aug 12 17:31:00 EST 1995

Pardon by the disturb but this message is very important:

I write from italy, because I need an information very urgent and 
important about some EXPERT neuro-institut in europe for a female
child of 5 months age. She had born at 6th month and has a rare 
malformation of her neural system because she can not move her legs.

The Magnetic resonance made here in Italy does not found a "bifilar 
marrow" but, now, the specialist don't know anymore in order to make
a diagnose and possible treatments.

For the moment, this child can't take a plane to go in America because
has an hemorrage and it's not convenient by the altitude (max 1500 mts). 

If someone can tell us about some important neuro-institut inside 
europe we'll thanks so much. Someone said us that in Germany at
Heileiberg, there is an institut, someone knows anything?

Escuse me by the poor english, but I know that all you will understand.

Best regards

Guillermo Ibanez
E-mail : guillermo.ibanez at

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