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> Incidentally, for the benefit of 'Rifle', a number of British physicians are
> beginning to take Gulf War Syndrome seriously.

So are a number of American Physicians, including Dr. Garth Nicholson who
is credited with the idea of the fluid mosaic model of the membrane.  This
means very little to me.  It's the quality of the evidence, not the
authority of the person proclaiming it.

>  Moreover,it was in the 50's
> fashionable to refer to ME/CFS/PVF as 'hysterical', as mass hysteria, as
> _Royal Free Syndrome_ (meaning hysteria).

Frequently, carackpots are called crackpots not so much for the
questionable nature of the pathology they have diagnosed, but for the
strange causes they attribute to it.  Those who claim aspartame is the
cause of desert storm syndrome will continue to be doubted until they
present valid evidence.

If you wish to discuss the prevalence hysteria or the potential pathologies
associated with the oil fires of the gulf war then that's a different

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