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Dear Richard:  I'll try to answer your questions about the insulin growth 
factor and BST.  Not a lot of people understand how cancer truly grows.  
Mickey Mantle died last night.  His cancers seemed to grow at an 
accelerated rate before the eyes of his doctor and family members.  When 
cancer grows there is an accelerated growth of cells.  These cells grow so 
quickly because the cancer always produces insulin-like growth factor.  
Picture a volcano or a sparkler.  Something initiates the burning.  In 
cells, something initiates the rapid growth.

We have observed IGF to be that initiator, both in vitro and in vivo.  To 
my knowledge nobody has ever witnessed the birth of a cancer.  A cancer 
is a mistake.  Many things cause cancer.  IGF does not cause cancer.  IGF 
is not a carcinogen.  IGF promotes growth.  The body recognizes an 
unusual cell.  Instead of destroying that cell, our immune systems 
interrupt the growth process.  We literally place it in suspended 
animation.  100 per cent of adults over the age of 50 (according to the 
New York Times article) have thyroid tumors which have been controlled.  
IGF, the powerful growth factor, lights the fuse.  IGF releases those 
controls.  When scientists look closely at cancers they see enormous 
amounts of IGF.  I believe that IGF initiates the process of the 
enormous replication of cancerous cells.  IGF then continues to 
aid in the rapid growth of that tumor.  

Adults have enormous quantities of IGF naturally occurring in their 
systems.  IGF is produced in saliva, by the liver and kidneys, thymus 
lungs and other organs.  Naturally occurring IGF has an extremely short 
half-life, a few milliseconds.  After that naturally occurring IGF is 
either protelyzed or bound to IGF receptors and "deactivated".  IGF in 
milk is protected by other factors.  The British (Mepham, Millstone, etc) 
believe that casein is the protector.  Casein, will eventually be 
digested or broken down by natural actions in the body.  I believe that 
fat molecules protect IGF.  Homogenization produces micronized fat 
molecules.  IGF is not protelyzed in milliseconds.  It circulates for 
many seconds or minutes (I have no clue how long) and becomes systemic.  
I believe that by the time the fat molecule has broken down, the IGF has 
circulated to all cells and tissues.  The constant presence of IGF 
increases the potential to promote growth of cells.  I have used the 
sparkler analogy before.  Hold a match to a sparkler for one second 
twenty times in a row and it wouldn't light.  The same sparkler might 
ignite after two seconds.  A different sparkler might ignite after 
one-half second.  Nobody can predict these things.  One thing is 
certain.  The appropriate heat source applied to a fuel in the presence 
of oxygen will produce fire.  The appropriate growth hormone when applied 
to cells will promote growth.  This same growth hormone when applied to 
abnormal cancer cells will also promote growth.  The tight genetic 
controls which harness cancer may not be enough to control this growth 
the second time around.

Every time there is a cancer, there is an extremely large amount of IGF 
associated with that cancer.  Peripheral non-cancerous tissues and organs 
do not contain the same high levels of IGF, just the cancer.

About diabetes:  IGF is not the culprit.  We are allergic to milk 
proteins.  We are not allergic to IGF. IGF is a 70 amino acid which is 
identical in bovines and humans.  Other milk proteins are "foreign 
invaders" which promote a vast array of allergic reactions.  Sometimes 
the proteins destroy the beta cells of the pancreas.  They destroy the 
ability to create insulin.  Do not confuse IGF or BST with other milk 
proteins which cause damage and are inappropriate for humans.

Norris - J. Endocrinology, 1994, July-Aug: 17(7), discovered a bovine 
albumin peptide as a possible trigger of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.

Cheung - Scand-J-Immunol, 1994 Dec: 40 (6) 623-8 discovered that T cells 
from children with Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus are sensitized to 
bovine serum albumin.  Elevated levels of serum anti-bovine antibodies 
were found in 28/31 children.

Miyazaki - Journal of Immunol. 1995, Feb 1; 154(3): 1461-9, found that 68 
of 78 children had elevated bovine serum albumin antibody production 
which the author explained as evidence of activation of T cell and anergy 
to islet cell antigen.

I say again that the Government bought up billions of lbs of surplus 
milk, spent $2 billion to kill 1.5 million cows.  It has made 9500 cows 
sick that we know of.  It is an incredible health risk to the human race.
The public is rebeling because they don't want it.  Monsanto doesn't even 
want to label it because they know the public won't buy it.  The only 
advantage is profit for Monsanto.  On Thursday, August 17 protests on 
rBGH will be held in major cities including Atlanta where Monsanto has 
backed these "food disparagement laws" aimed as scare tactics against the 
media so they won't even talk or write about it.  Here in Atlanta 
Professor David Bederman (ACLU), an Emory Law Professor will discuss how 
this is against free speech.  He says agribusiness and chemical company 
lobbyists for these food disparagement bills know full well they are 

This is also a protest against aspartame marketed as NutraSweet, Equal, 
Spoonful, etc.  The late Dr. Adrian Gross, FDA toxicologist, told Congress
"Given the cancer causing potential of aspartame how would the FDA 
justify its position that it views a certain amount of aspartame as 
constituting an allowable daily intake or safe level of it?  Is that 
position in effect not equivalent to setting a tolerance for this food 
additive and thus a violation of that law?  And if the FDA itself elects 
to violate the law, who is left to protect the health of the public?"

NutraSweet caused brain tumors, mammary tumors, ovarian tumors, etc.  The 
Delaney Amendment makes it illegal to allow any residues of cancer 
causing chemicals in foods.  Not only does aspartame cause cancer but it 
changes the brain chemistry, the reason for triggering so many 
neurological diseases and symptoms.  As Dr. H. J. Roberts (who wrote the 
report on aspartame causing brain tumors that was peer reviewed) said at 
an Alzheimers seminar recently:  The two amino acids in aspartame that 
are neurotoxic, aspartic acid and phenylalanine, without the other amino 
acids in protein go past the blood brain barrier and deteriorate the 
neurons of the brain.  He said this in his opinion has accelerated 
Alzheimers. The methyl ester in aspartame converts to methanol (a human 
specific poison), then formaldehyde and then formic acid (ant sting poison).
The phenylalanine breaks down further into DKP, a brain tumor agent.  

The FDA in April listed 10,000 complaints against aspartame and then said 
they would no longer compile reports anymore.  I had to file with Freedom 
of Information to get this one, they didn't want to release it!  They 
admit to 92 documented symptoms from comas to death from this neurotoxin 
masquerading as a sweetener.  No wonder many articles call it "Sweet Poison"!

The flawed tests on aspartame are incredible.  Dr. John Olney informed 
Searle that Aspartic acid caused holes in the brains of mice he was 
testing.  Ann Reynolds, a researcher hired by SEarle, confirmed Dr. 
Olney's findings in a similar study.  A large Task Force was formed, 
headed by FDA lead Investigator, Philip Brodsky.  Here are excerpts from 
the conclusions of their summary:

"We have uncovered serious deficiencies in Searle's integrity in 
conducting high quality animal research to accurately determine or 
characterize the toxic potential of its products."

"We have found instances of irrelevant or unproductive animal research 
where experiments have been poorly conceived, carelessly executed or 
inaccurately analyzed or reported."  "The cumulative findings of problems
within and across the studies we investigated reveal a pattern of conduct 
which compromised the scientific integrity of the studies."

Many of the test animals fed Aspartame developed large tumors.  These 
tumors had then been cut out and the animals returned to the study.  In 
several cases, animals that were reported as dead, were later reported as 
alive again. (Bressler Study).  

Senator Edward Kennedy stated that "the extensive nature of the almost 
unbelievable range of abuses discovered by the FDA on several major 
Searle products is profoundly disturbing."  Back in l977 the FDA formally 
requested that U.S. Attorney, Samuel Skinner, conduct a Grand jury 
investigation of the tests on NutraSweet.  Instead he went to work for 
Sidley and Austin, who at the time were defending Searle in the 

In l980 a Public Board of Inquiry was impaneled.  The Board voted 
unanimously to recommend banning aspartame for human consumption.

The monkeys given aspartame developed grand mal seizures.  And what 
happened to those test animals is happening to the human race.

Yes Richard, I really meant what I said.  The people don't have a chance!
And now with the elevation of the insulin growth factor in BST we have 
the "match"!  The spleens of lab animals were increased as much as 46% 
denoting a pre-leukemic condition.  And then we have this freak amino 
acid - Epsilon-N-Acetyllysine in place in lysine in the peptide chain.  
Who knows what this will cause!  

Monsanto bought Searle in 1985 - they have deep pockets and great power!
There was no way to stop their insanity because they "fund" Congress, 
organizations and people they need to help them keep these poisons on the 
market.  That's why there is MISSION POSSIBLE dedicated to the 
proposition that we will not be satisfied until death and disability are 
no longer considered an acceptable cost of business!  We go directly to 
the people to warn them.  A lot of you people in Internet fight the 
knowledge that may save your life!  

Remember that these things I've mentioned about aspartame were brought 
out in Congress, and people like Joyce Wilson who went blind and died 
from aspartame was there pleading to save others, before she passed on.
Violations of the law meant nothing.  Congress did nothing.  

Aspartame is called the "most tested product in history", and the "most 
tested product in history" is a chemical poison!  BST can do nothing but 
cause the population more harm.  

Two RN's in Atlanta and one in Huntsville have told me the same thing: 
"Cancer is exploding!"  Our warning to the public - do not use aspartame -
and do not drink the milk!

           Betty Martini     Operation Mission Possible


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