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> 	The juiciest and nastiest exchange in the literature occured in
> series of letters in the Lancet starting the 16th of July (vol. 343 pg.
> 197), it continues in 344:815 and I believe there is also a letter in the
> Nov. 19th issue (page 1445?). There is also a reference in the Journal of
> the Royal Society (Medecine) 85: 736-39.

Thanks for the refs.

> 	Bodybuilders per chance? I wouldn't take it -- the links between
> colon cancer and IGF1 may not be conclusive, but then neither were the
> links between steroids and liver damage/heart disease. Growth hormones can
> be awfully potent. Dairy farmers use RBSt to increase milk production.
> Trouble is it makes the cows more sick more often and increases the amount
> of twinning. The milk might also contain elevated levels of IGF1.

I wouldn't take it either because I exercise for my health.  However,
competitive bodybuilders don't give a damn about health and they regularly
take steroids, growth hormone, Beta2 adrenergic agonists, and apparently
they're now experimenting with IGF-1.  All of these have some side effects,
some worse than others.

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