metals and neuropathology

John K Pearce jkp at WORLD.STD.COM
Sat Aug 12 20:03:51 EST 1995

Talk to Roger Masters, Prof of Political Science, Dartmouth College.  He 
has developed data showing an association of violence with hair clipping 
contamination with heavy metals.  If this pans out it will be fantatic!
John Pearce, Cambridge

On 9 Aug 1995, Anonymous wrote:

> Is anyone aware of any published references detailling the neuropathology of 
> individuals exposed to metal, metal salts etc through work.
> I have in mind foundry and mining personnel, but information about other 
> occupational/ accidental exposures would be welcome.
> Any suggestions greatly appreciated, I tried medline but ended up with an 
> unimaginably huge list that a short cut to some key points would be very 
> welcome.
> Thanks,
> len.
> sunderland

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