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> We have observed IGF to be that initiator, both in vitro and in vivo.  To 
> my knowledge nobody has ever witnessed the birth of a cancer.  A cancer 
> is a mistake.  Many things cause cancer.  IGF does not cause cancer.  IGF 
> is not a carcinogen.  IGF promotes growth.  The body recognizes an 
> unusual cell.  Instead of destroying that cell, our immune systems 
> interrupt the growth process.  We literally place it in suspended 
> animation.  100 per cent of adults over the age of 50 (according to the 
> New York Times article) have thyroid tumors which have been controlled.  
> IGF, the powerful growth factor, lights the fuse.  IGF releases those 
> controls.  When scientists look closely at cancers they see enormous 
> amounts of IGF.  I believe that IGF initiates the process of the 
> enormous replication of cancerous cells.  IGF then continues to 
> aid in the rapid growth of that tumor.  

Would you either post some evidence for this opinion masquerading as fact,
or stop posting to bionet.neuroscience. 

I'm asking you nicely. Please.

Andy Groves
Division of Biology, 216-76
California Institute of Technology

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