? on drugs and DA/NE/5-HT reuptake

Jason Kennerly jkenner at cello.gina.calstate.edu
Mon Aug 14 02:23:03 EST 1995

Weird. Will Ritalin, as a DA and NE reuptake inhibitor, also display this 
behaviour? I know cocaine does some peculiar stuff because of its ability 
to "numb"... which Ritalin may lack?? (Cocaine is more of a depressant 
than most if all DAergic drugs I have been told).

Also, out of curiosity, I have seen many posts that claim that SSRI class 
drugs will reduce the effects of MDMA. While the reports are anecdotal at 
best, they are fairly undisputed. The reason for the mixing seems to be 
concern over damage to serotonergic neurons, and the "conclusion" was 
that those wishing SSRI "protection" should take the SSRI 3 to 6 hours 
after the MDMA.

Now, the question: I've noticed Ritalin and Dexedrine are very rarely 
prescribed together. This could very well be because of the paperwork 
involved, but lately I have wondered if the two wouldnt compete with each 
other, in spite of different modes of action (methylphenidate inhibits 
reuptake but d-amphetamine actually induces release).

Also, is there any concievable reason why Dexedrine made me sleepy/fall 
asleep but Ritalin can keep me awake??? What are the DA - NE - 5HT ratio 
for the various drugs???

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