JAMES BET TEE tee at ug.cs.dal.ca
Sun Aug 13 21:58:33 EST 1995

: bretwood at cs.uoregon.edu (Joseph Bret Wood) wrote:
: >>Forget all the logic of the debate for a moment. Why don't YOU take >>mass 
: >>amounts of it for 90 days and note how you feel? Record all headaches, 
: >>forgetfulness, aches and pains, weird attitudes and other uncomfortable 
: >>sensations. Then, don't eat ANYTHING with NutraSweet in it for the next 
: >>90 days.

	Years ago, in class, we were told that there were cases where 
people who had consumed large amounts of NutraSweet lost a lot of body 
control; in some cases, the patients swallowed their tongue.  Whether 
this was a scare tactic, or even possible, I'm not sure, but it was 
enough to keep me from using NutraSweet over the last 10 years...

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