Quartz electrodes vs. boro-silicate electrodes

Dr. Alex aledain at receptor.pharm.uwa.edu.au
Sun Aug 13 20:13:23 EST 1995

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>The company claims that the quartz electrodes are stronger and with
>better electrical properties than normal boro-silicate electrodes.
>Does anyone have experience with quartz electrodes ?

I don't have any experience with quartz electrodes, but I think the 
extra cost might come about because of the higher heat required to 
melt (and possiby stronger pull strengths required?). Although I 
would have thought it might still be possible to pull the quartz 
electrodes with the P-97. (I've got a P-87)

The upshot is that it really depends on what you're trying to do with 
your experiments. My experience has been 99% of the time you can use 
borosilicate, so unless you have a real need, it might just be a 
waste of money better spent on something else.

cheers, Alex.

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