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Dear Rifle:

In answer to your questions:

First you make fun of the fact that methanol toxicity mimics multiple 
sclerosis.  Would you like instructions to the auto-responder?  In the 
case histories you will find one on Alicia Morris who was diagnosed by 
two physicians as having multiple sclerosis.  We got her off of 
NutraSweet and a couple of months later all her "MS symptoms" disappeared!
In fact, Dr. Roberts tells other physicians not even to make the 
diagnosis of multiple sclerosis until the patient is off aspartame.  
We've reversed a good deal of cases whether you want to believe it or not.
I'll be glad to give you Alicia's phone number for verification. 

2.  The Walton study was not flawed to begin with.  How do you flaw a 
study before you start.  NutraSweet refused to sell Dr. Walton the 
aspartame because they would have no control over the study.  If you had 
read all the shenigans NutraSweet has committed in their studies you 
would realize why they want control.  I'll be glad to send you a copy of 
the Congressional Record where the National Soft Drink Assn. protested 
because Searle used the wrong test when the right one was available, the 
wrong solution, didn't test for breakdown products and didn't test for 
temperature elevation.  If you know you're going to get results that 
won't pass, I guess the best thing to do is not do them correctly to 
begin with.

Would you like to read some excerpts from the conclusions of the Task 
Force headed by FDA lead Investigator, Philip Brodsky?

"We have uncovered serious deficiencies in Searle's integrity in 
conducting high quality animal research to accurately determine or 
characterize the toxic potential of its products."

"We have found instances of irrelevant or unproductive animal research 
where experiments have been poorly conceived, carelessly executed or 
inaccurately analyzed or reported."  "The cumulative findings of problems 
within and across the studies we investigated reveal a pattern of conduct 
which compromised the scientific integrity of the studies."

And I could go on and quote how U.S. Skinner was asked to indite Searle 
but I'm sure you've read it in posts before.  Dr. John Olney informed 
Searle that Aspartic acid caused holes in the brains of mice he was 
testing.  Ann Reynolds, a researcher hired by Searle, confirmed Dr. 
Olney's findings in a similar study.  

Dr. Jacqueline Verrett, FDA toxicologist and a member of the 
investigation task force said the original aspartame studies were "built 
on a foundation of sand." November 3, 1987.  And she reminded the public 
when she appeared on an NBC affiliate, Chanel 4, expose out of Miami on 
February 27 and FEbruary 28 of this year - when the entire FDA approval 
process of NutraSweet was exposed (Sweet Sickness).    If you send them a 
blank tape they will send you a copy of it!

Next, I mentioned that aspartame is not a diet product and quoted the 
Congressional Record. "Aspartame has been demonstrated to inhibit the 
carbohydrate induced synthesis of the neurotransmitter serotonin, etc."
You said: "What reference do they cite?"  I mentioned the reference in 
the quote and you requoted it - "Wurtman affidavit"!  

Next, you said Dr. Garth Nicholson directly contradicts my theory on the 
Desert Storm Syndrome.  You might be interested to know that I sent a 
packet of information to Dr. Nicholson.  He wrote me back and said that 
the men never mentioned aspartame.  That is true because the men did not 
realize aspartame was the culprit just as people with all these 
neurological problems don't realize aspartame is the culprit until we get 
them off of it.

However, in talking to one of the soldiers who was actually there, he 
told me that the pop companies sent diet drinks that sat in the Arabian 
sun of 120 degrees for as long as 8 weeks and they drank them all day long.
Keep in mind that if it was 120 degrees those cans had to be 150 degrees 
inside.  At 86 degrees aspartame liberates methanol in the can.  All the 
symptoms of Desert Storm are identical to aspartame disease - memory 
loss, headaches, joint pain, confusion, vision problems, depression, etc.

This particular soldier said they only had two things to drink - either 
water or diet soda.  I said: "So do the ones you served with who drank 
only water have the syndrome?"  He said: "Of the ones that I know, only 
the ones who drank the diet soda have the problem!"  I happened to ask - 
nobody else did!  Further, last I heard he was doing a poll.  And because 
I ever mentioned it, the Aspartame Consumer Safety Network sent out press 
releases over the issue.  Whereupon Pepsi decides to put "freshness dates"
on their cans, and I couldn't help wondering what made them decide to do 
it then.

The next point was that I said that aspartic acid and phenylalanine 
without the other amino acids in protein go past the blood brain barrier 
and deteriorate the neurons of the brains.  You said:  "What reference"?
Roberts.  It is discussed in the book and it was discussed at Dr. Roberts 
seminar on Alzheimer.  If you want the book which has now been nominated 
for a Pulitzer you can get it at 1 800 814-9800.  Also, the neurosurgeon, 
Dr. Russell Blaylock, in his book EXCITOTOXINS; THE TASTE THAT KILLS says:
"The ingredients in NutraSweet literally stimulate the neurons of the 
brain to death." Health Press 1 800 -643-2665.

Rifle, when you kill off the brain cells you get Alzheimers!  The most 
common symptom of NutraSweet is memory loss!

It was Dr. Harry Waisman who studied the effects of aspartame on 
primates. Seven infant monkeys were fed the chemical in milk.  One died 
after 300 days, 5 others had Grand Mal Seizures.  Searle deleted these 
findings when they submitted his study to the FDA!  

Rifle, I've not only been researching NutraSweet a long time but we get 
people off the stuff and see their symptoms reverse - if we get to them 
in time!  Some have perished.  6000 with Desert Storm Syndrome have perished!

If you want to use NutraSweet go right ahead, but you can't make the 
history of all those flawed tests and shenigans pulled by SEarle 
disappear. NutraSweet was never proven safe and even when the Board of 
Inquiry told the FDA not to approve it because of the seizures and brain 
tumors, Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes, head of the FDA, over-ruled his own board 
of inquiry.  Then he went to work for SEarle's Public Relations firm and 
refused to speak to the press for 10 years!  

If you want to read the history of NutraSweet I will be happy to forward 
you instructions to the auto-responder.  But you can't clean up this 
issue because what Searle did is recorded history!  Monsanto bought 
Searle in 1985.

Betty Martini
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