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In article <40mo8c$5an at crl4.crl.com>, jvogel at crl.com (John M. Vogel) writes:
=JAMES BET TEE (tee at ug.cs.dal.ca) wrote:
=: 	Years ago, in class, we were told that there were cases where 
=: people who had consumed large amounts of NutraSweet lost a lot of body 
=: control; in some cases, the patients swallowed their tongue.  Whether 
=: this was a scare tactic, or even possible, I'm not sure, but it was 
=: enough to keep me from using NutraSweet over the last 10 years...
=Has the earmarks of a scare story to me.  "Swallowing one's tongue" is a 
=misnomer; it doesn't literally happen.

Perhaps not, but it IS the vernacular for strangulation during an epileptic
I  try  very  hard  to say exactly what I mean.  I'd appreciate it if you'd
bear that in mind and not try to "interpret"  my  posts  to  fit  your  own
preconceived notions if I'm posting in a serious thread.  Remember:  If you
throw a strawman into a heated debate, flames are likely to be the result.

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