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> First you make fun of the fact that methanol toxicity mimics multiple 
> sclerosis.

No, I made fun of the idea that "aspartame toxicity" mimics multiple
sclerosis.  You made a leap of faith there.

>  Would you like instructions to the auto-responder? 

Was this reviewed by qualified sources?  Maybe you could fill me in.
> case histories

and how many possible confounding factors could contribute to these case
> 2.  The Walton study was not flawed to begin with.  How do you flaw a 
> study before you start.

It's called poor design.  They used 8 subjects suffering from unipolar
depression and you are surprised that NutraSweet didn't want to

> read all the shenigans NutraSweet 

What's a shenigan?

> because Searle used the wrong test when the right one was available, the 
> wrong solution, didn't test for breakdown products and didn't test for 
> temperature elevation.  If you know you're going to get results that 
> won't pass, I guess the best thing to do is not do them correctly to 
> begin with.

Why doesn't this same critical analysis apply to the studies that agree
with your position?  Can you say bias?  
> Next, you said Dr. Garth Nicholson directly contradicts my theory on the 
> Desert Storm Syndrome.  You might be interested to know that I sent a 
> packet of information to Dr. Nicholson.  He wrote me back and said that 
> the men never mentioned aspartame.  That is true because the men did not 
> realize aspartame was the culprit just as people with all these 
> neurological problems don't realize aspartame is the culprit until we get 
> them off of it.

An interview with Nicholson as recent as two weeks ago indicated he still
supports the mycoplasm theory.  Apparently, your evidence wasn't even good
enough to convince him.
>   And because 
> I ever mentioned it, the Aspartame Consumer Safety Network sent out press 
> releases over the issue.  Whereupon Pepsi decides to put "freshness dates"
> on their cans, and I couldn't help wondering what made them decide to do 
> it then.

Because aspartame readily breaks down within 6 months, and its not uncommon
for someone to get a Diet Pepsi out of a vending machine that tastes
absolutely awful.  But, I guess taste is too simple an explanation for why
they added freshness dating...
> The next point was that I said that aspartic acid and phenylalanine 
> without the other amino acids in protein go past the blood brain barrier 
> and deteriorate the neurons of the brains.  You said:  "What reference"?
> Roberts.  It is discussed in the book and it was discussed at Dr. Roberts 
> seminar on Alzheimer.  If you want the book which has now been nominated 
> for a Pulitzer you can get it at 1 800 814-9800.  Also, the neurosurgeon, 
> Dr. Russell Blaylock, in his book EXCITOTOXINS; THE TASTE THAT KILLS says:
> "The ingredients in NutraSweet literally stimulate the neurons of the 
> brain to death." Health Press 1 800 -643-2665.

Any peer-reviewed references?  The fact that John Mack MD of Harvard can
put out a book on alien abductions shows how easy it is to have a book
published regardless of the quality of the evidence presented.
> It was Dr. Harry Waisman who studied the effects of aspartame on 
> primates. Seven infant monkeys were fed the chemical in milk.  One died 
> after 300 days, 5 others had Grand Mal Seizures.  Searle deleted these 
> findings when they submitted his study to the FDA!

And how did you find out about this?  Please enlighten us.  
> Rifle, I've not only been researching NutraSweet a long time but we get 
> people off the stuff and see their symptoms reverse - if we get to them 
> in time! 

In this type of scenario, how can you rule out the power of suggestion?
> NutraSweet was never proven safe

I, personally, have not examined the hundreds of studies that have tested
aspartame's safety.  However, are you trying to tell me that every one was
flawed and hundreds of researchers are unethical?  I find this hard to

> If you want to read the history of NutraSweet I will be happy to forward 
> you instructions to the auto-responder.  But you can't clean up this 
> issue because what Searle did is recorded history!  Monsanto bought 
> Searle in 1985.

I, personally, do not know if aspartame is safe.  I haven't analyzed that
literature.  On the other hand, you repeatedly claim that it is harmful.  I
must inform you that your evidence supporting that contention is sadly

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