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Mon Aug 14 11:19:20 EST 1995

jkenner at cello.gina.calstate.edu (Jason Kennerly) writes:

>dirty0ldmn at aol.com (Dirty0ldMn) writes:
>> Having been in the pharmaceutical industry for 25 years, I can tell you
>> with a fair degree of certainty that the number of physicians who
>> understand the mechanism of action of SSRI's is minimal. You would be
>> appalled at the number of physicians who prescribe drugs without ever
>> having read the package insert!

     Good lord, there are people out there who agree with me!!!  You wouldn't
believe the number of physicians who get calls from us at the pharmacy because
what they have prescribed is totally inappropriate for the person, or the 
dosage is one that doesn't make any sense.  Some doctors are great and
will admit that they made a mistake.  Others are bastards who NEVER make 
mistakes and are willing to risk the health of their patients for their
own pride.  (Like one doctor who refused to change a prescription for
a sulfa drug even after both I and the patient told him that she was 
deathly allergic to sulfas).  

     It's obvious that many physicans never take the time to read product
monographs.  I also get terribly annoyed when a physician continues to use only
the medications that were on the market the day he graduated (in 1910).
It's too bad they aren't given regular tests on their knowledge by some
governing body that would have the power to take away their licence if they
were unknowledgeable.  

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