Unethical practices - drug industry

MAIKAI maikai at aol.com
Mon Aug 14 23:19:22 EST 1995

>>>Good lord, there are people out there who agree with me!!!  You
believe the number of physicians who get calls from us at the pharmacy
what they have prescribed is totally inappropriate for the person, or the 
dosage is one that doesn't make any sense.<<<

Take it from me......you're absolutely right!  My 70 year old mother had
an adverse outcome---death, after being prescribed a l20 mg.
decongestant/antihistamine---she was on it for l0 days (two pills a
day)---and died an hour after taking the first pill of a new prescription.
 She had PVC's at an appt. two weeks earlier, a complaint of "left-sided
congestion,"  a history of hypertension, slightly enlarged heart, and
documented reaction to OTC lower dose of the stuff (blood pressure went to
200/ll0)---there was even a notation from a former doc not to give
decongestants because of hypertension.  The doc that prescribed it, and to
this day insists it's safe and didn't cause her death, said her death was
natural, and the pharmacist said the stuff was safe because they FDA
allows it to be sold over the counter.  The pharmacist said his job is not
to question the docs-----since they "should" know drug interactions, and
know the patient's history.  Guess he can explain that to the Pharmacy
Board----the state Pharmacy Act and OBRA do not say the same thing. 
And....although we called off the autopsy after the doc swore the "pills
were safe".....they had taken blood.....it was quantified for the drug
(after much screaming at the medical examiner).....and a significant level
showed up--within the therapeutic range, but significant just the same. 
We were stonewalled and lied to by those medical professionals that
promised to do no harm.....the doc's answer was that "my mother caused her
own death, since she must have had symptoms of heart disease she didn't
tell him about."  I was told that a phamacologist and cardiologist would
be able to give an opinion on causation based on the medical record and
pharmacology of the drug---it'll cost me several thousands of dollars, but
worth it to learn more about my mom's sudden death.  Think I'll have the
results printed in the local newspaper, addressed to Dear (stupid) Doc
----, and    (stupid)  Pharmacist and patients of ----Clinic.  The lab at
the medical examiner's office told me they are in the process of
establishing a data base for adverse outcomes of both legally prescribed
drugs, and OTC ones----and reporting  to FDA-----in the past they didn't
get involved in legally prescribed drugs, but they're putting more
emphasis on it now (it's about time).  I have a good pharmacist, who clued
me in initially, on what happened......I did my own research, gathered
reams of articles, and found out the drug should not have been prescribed,
without using a lower dosage first to confirm safety.....and under no
circumstances should 5 refills have been written to begin with!     

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