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Mon Aug 14 18:20:36 EST 1995

Dear Andy:  I was discussing IGF and I was discussing it so people could 
understand it.  When I discussed diabetes and milk I gave references so 
those interested in technical information would know where I got the 

You asked for references.  I gave you references on IGF which supports 
that the insulin growth factor is the regulator of cancer.  It explains 
how serious this problem is.  I didn't start this post on 
Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, someone in this neuroscience newsgroup did.
Don't ask me why this is relevant to this group - ask whoever started it.
I simply added more information to the discussion.  I get information 
daily from the man who filed the petition to revoke the use of BST so I'm 
up-to-date on this entire discussion.  I'm also the spokeswoman at the 
press conference here in Atlanta Thursday morning on rBGH.  Professor 
David Bederman of Emory is the spokesman on the law.  

It just happened that before this subject ever appeared in this newsgroup 
I had been discussing it.  You see, they said that BST was not active - 
after all, they gave it to dwarfs in the 50's.  We decided to go back to 
the 50's and find out what happened to the dwarfs who used BST.  They got 
this disease and died.  Robert Cohen said - and now we could see it in 
the population.  The next day a note appeared in this newsgroup asking 
about this disease!  

Many times I could have added to the discussions.  They were talking 
about body builders using this stuff.  They already did by injecting 
themselves - they got large areas of necrosis in their thighs.  I didn't 
add that or somebody might have wanted references for that too.

People should be informed of what rBGH can do to the human race - and yes 
it is informative to this newsgroup and has been mentioned before, long 
before I got it in the discussion.

You asked for references on IGF and they didn't seem to satisfy you.  Are 
you saying - "No evidence will satisfy me"?  If you're not interested in 
this discussion then go to something else but don't prevent the public 
from being informed.  They just may be seeing more of this disease than 
they expect, and they need to be warned about the insulin growth factor 
being elevated in rBGH, as well as the other problems.  

Perhaps the drug companies would like us all to go away.  Robert Cohen 
has now been "Banned By the FDA"!  He found out too much!  We believe it 
is our duty to our fellow man to warn him of the consequences of the 
bovine growth hormone.  If you're not interested you don't have to answer 
my discussion, but others have appreciated it, according to private 

Betty Martini
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