farcical: NutraSweet/MONTHANON/TRUTH

Richard Kerr kerrr at CRYPTIC.RCH.UNIMELB.EDU.AU
Tue Aug 15 02:08:51 EST 1995

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>(Richard Kerr) writes:
>> OK, so the pluses are as numerous as the minuses. This isn't constructive.
>Richard, there are other substances that have variable results when
>consumed by humans.  Moderate tobacco consumption may fail to affect
>some, whereas others develop the illnesses of which we hear so much.

sorry peter, I was not happy with that sentence after I posted that reply.
what I meant to say is that if person A blankets all the newsgroups with
big headlines & sweeping statements about Nutrasweet & how it's evil & that
they will save the "little people " from the big nasty multinationals then
every person that has consumed litres of diet soda every day & has a bit of
a headache will send mail to person A. likewise if person B says that 
person A is a babbling spammer that gives them a headache then others will
send contrary evidence to person B. such is human frailty.so we have A and
B on either side of a debate saying " I have more studies/data/whinges than
you do therefore my argument is persuasive".   I agree that we should
review what happens to us in our world but with clarity of thought & little

the tobacco eg returns us to the "how much is a minimum toxic dose & if
there is such variation then we'd better scrap it " thread that popped up
with nutrasweet & methanol concentrations. others said that fruit juice
methanol was different to nutrasweet breakdown methanol & with that  the
traffic seemed to stop.  I don't know why some people have higher levels of
susceptability to a range of drugs than others,  it would make good
discussion. ( if anyone out there tells me "it's genetic" I'll scream )
>Some people are allergic to peanuts, such that they die within seconds
>of consuming them.
 <heaps of stuff about peanuts chopped>

I thought that peanuts & that story was due to aflatoxin production by
fungi that  contaminated stored nuts . set me straight if I'm not up to
cheers peter

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